Transmission Repair

aj transmissionMaintenance schedules offered by car manufacturers always include the transmission. As stated earlier, transmission fluid plays a critical role in how a transmission functions and the car part longevity. Like engine oil, transmission fluid should be checked and changed on a regular basis; however, the interval is different for all vehicles and dependent on the transmission and fluid type as well as use.

Engine Tune-ups

tune up bannerThe word "Tune Up" is probably the most misused and misunderstood Automotive term. According to the Merriam-Webster's dictionary under the term "Tune-up" it says: "general adjustment to insure operation at peak efficiency"

What's Involved In Servicing Your Car's Air Conditioning

A.J. McKay's Auto Repair will make sure you're prepared for the Summer heat. We provide full service and repair for most auto and RV air conditioners.


air con

Summer is quickly approaching, which means your vehicle's air conditioning system will be put to the test. If your system hasn't been serviced in a while, now is the time.

While most newer vehicles can get away with simply having their A/C recharged, older cars and trucks may require a little more attention. Don't worry if the laundry list of parts your mechanic says you need confuses you; here are the specifics.

Wheel Alignment

McKay Auto Repair Wheel AlignmentIn its most basic form, wheel alignment entails adjusting the angles of the wheels 

This article begins with information that every driver should know; however, if you want to learn more about this topic, click on the underlined words for more detailed explanations of each term. We will go over various levels of detail, with the most in-depth levels containing information that even a wheel alignment technician will find useful.

Why A Complete Computerized Engine Analysis Is Worth Every Penny

Computerized Engine AnalysisIn 1970, the average car had only $25 worth of electronics. By 1981, the average car electronics had risen to more than $1,000 per car, and by 1996 to more than $1,500 per car. And the number is still rising.

Today, a vehicle’s computers operate almost every system — air conditioning, radios, airbags, alarm systems, anti-lock braking systems, traction control, ride control, cruise control, electronic digital and analog instrument panels, automatic transmissions, and last but not least, emission and engine controls.