Exhaust Systems

s4-systemThe exhaust system is an assembly in a vehicle's engine that takes care of the burnt gas that the engine produces. It consists of exhaust pipes, through which exhaust gas flow through from one chamber to another, a header, which collects the same gas from different cylinders and directs it to the pipes, a catalytic converter, which converts the pollutant gases produced during combustion into less harmful substances, a muffler, which reduces engine noise, and a turbocharger, which increases engine power.

The exhaust system is vital to any vehicle because the life and performance of the vehicle's engine depends on it. An engine cannot function well if there is back pressure trapped in it. Trapped exhaust gas chokes an engine and stops it from doing productive work. As a result, the vehicle cannot run smoothly and silently, or in the worst cases, will not run at all.
This part of the auto framework is so important that some vehicles run on dual exhaust systems. The engines of such vehicles can give off exhaust gas more freely and are capable of more power than normal engines.

Thus, a superior auto exhaust system is necessary for any type of vehicle. The bigger the exhaust pipes of an exhaust system are, the better, because exhaust gas can take their exit more freely that way. The government in most states is not kind to motorists who run on defective exhaust systems, and so utmost care must be taken in purchasing the right exhaust system.

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